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At CIPFA we specialise in all aspects of public services finance and our expertise in the sector is unrivalled. To make this wealth of knowledge more accessible we have created CIPFA Thinks, a definitive collection of articles, comments and publications giving all the information you need to know about public finance. 


CIPFA's position on the latest issues affecting the sector.


CIPFA's blogs and opinion pieces appear in a variety of news outlets. Take a look at some of our most recent columns.


CIPFA Keystones are produced to advocate sound public financial management across the sector. Keystones utilise expert input from consultants and stakeholders to create definitive standards and best practice guidelines that lead the way in public finance.


Public finance is a dominant issue in the media and in this section our experts analyse the current climate.

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Policy and guidance development

CIPFA plays a vital role in the development of policy and technical guidance in public financial management, governance, financial reporting and audit for public sector finance managers.

CIPFA engages with public services, participates in financial reporting standard setting, influences policy and guidance through technical panels, responds to consultations, and works with other accountancy and professionally related bodies.


We publish approximately 30 titles a year on a wide range of subjects, including our local government Codes of Practice and sector-specific guidance for higher education, housing and central government.

During this challenging time for the public sector our publications provide vital knowledge and skill-improving support.

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CIPFAthinks: our thought leadership plan for 2022 and beyond

Amplifying our public voice, and leveraging our standard setting role, we want to build on the huge respect we already have for our voice shaping and commenting on global public financial management. 

As a strong advocate for sound public financial management, we want to positively influence policy makers and provide best in class tools and guidance for practitioners. As the only global accounting body specialising in public financial management, we are known as the statutory standard setter in UK local government and are a respected and authoritative voice in the sector. 

In the past we have been UK (particularly English) local government focused in our thought leadership, we are now creating an environment to take advantage of the international market and wider UK market. Our priorities for 2022 will be to:

  • Develop our voice on sustainability in the public sector as a pathway to becoming the authoritative voice on sustainability reporting in the public sector
  • Modernising our practitioner tools and guidance (CIPFA Connect), and the commissioning or e-learning as part of leading on the public finance professional of the future
  • Embed the strategic framing of our thought leadership as part of newly created CIPFA Policy Forums that have key themes that collectively have relevance to the public sector in the UK and internationally.
  • Continue to develop the CIPFA brand through the creation of high impact events and global thought leadership supported by international research in collaboration partners such as the UN, World Bank, IFAC, and Intosai.
  • Follow through on the Redmond review recommendations to put our weight behind the need for high quality local audit and to provide simplified financial information for local authority stakeholders.
  • Develop our website and social media presence to better present a more focused, impactful voice to showcase our insights and to respond to public sector issues ranging from social care reform, the application of technology in the modern-day finance function, to the aftermath of Covid-19.

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